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With our attempts to cultivate nature, humankind causes the rising of a next nature, which is wild and unpredictable as ever. Wild systems, genetic surprises, autonomous machinery and splendidly beautiful black flowers. Nature changes along with us.

The Photoshop Beauties: Before and After

The Photoshop Beauties: Before and After

Usually we don’t realize the hours of photoshopping spent on magazine and advertising images before publication. The raw photographic material reveals a lot about the fine craft of ‘beauty construction’. The photo above shows documentary maker, former soap actress and challenger of the beauty industry Sunny Bergman, before and after ‘the photoshop’.

Sunny’s latest documentary Beperkt Houdbaar (Limited Preservation) makes a powerful analysis of the cultivation of the body for the beauty industry’s economic benefit. We are looking forward to her contribution at the Powershow Next Nature in LA.

The photo is part of a larger photo series of new feminists by Manon van de Zwaal & Monique Bergen Henegouwen for HP de tijd magazine. I would love to see some reversed photoshopping done on the magazine models of which we haven’t seen ‘the before’ as well.

stine jensen

Stine Jensen.

Myrthe hilkens

Myrthe Hilkens.

Photos: Manon van de Zwaal for HP de tijd magazine. Image retouche: Monique Bergen Henegouwen /MissMo.nl. See also: Virtual Miss, Simulacra for Dummies, The Photoshop Reporters, Natural Breasts, Hyperbreasts, Modernistic Vaginas.


  1. Awesome. Though the end result is a bit too much on the uncanny valley side on the first and last image. The second one is exceptionally well made, except for the jaw line. That makes me remember the Dove clip two years ago.

  2. bailey blakeney

    this is amazingly creepy!

  3. swept

    very cool photoshop work, but creepy images. they definitely look better in the “before” photos. but if i never saw the “before”, i would think the “after” was real.

  4. Little social experiment I did with photoshop:


  5. Nice example Rosa Maria. By doing such an experiment with your own picture, you must have in mind an ideal image of the woman you want to be or… how you want others to see you according to ‘the standards’.
    And so it happens that the value of ‘beauty’ is inadvertently being carried out through these kind of video’s:
    http://www.nextnature.net/?p=956 (Dove) and http://www.nextnature.net/?p=2110 (Foster Farms).
    But if carried out thoroughly over the internet, we will grow mediated and come to recognize whether an image is real or not. So it’s videos like these that help us develop new sense-organs like the ‘photoshop-antenna’. It’s my hope that everyone with a photoshop-antenna will also develop a true sense of beauty whithout too many cosmetical, economical and social side-effects: just BSUR

  6. Lola

    the last girl looks so much better natural than photoshopped! that photo in particular is proof that the winning ‘beauty proportions’ cant take into account what is beautiful about someone’s lack of perfect symmetry.

  7. Julianne

    wow these are amazing. These ones are a bit different to the others out there that mainly focus on creating flawless skin, eyes etc. In these the structure of the face is pretty much re-constructed. Well done to the artists for their work and being able to create this, I know I cant.

  8. Alie Sulemani

    lol its funny the way people change :)

  9. jelena

    i agree alie sulemani :)
    they shoulnd’nt change because they should be happy with themselves :))

  10. Alie Sulemani

    SOO TRUEE Jelena have we met before?

  11. jelena

    hyahah yeah i think we have :)
    you seem very familierr :D

  12. Alie Sulemani

    ohhk. Do you know Sasha?
    xo <3

  13. jelena

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  14. Alie Sulemani

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  15. jelena

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  16. Alie

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  17. jelena

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  20. azad dabirzadeh

    so cute ….

  21. Jonas

    Hey, i’m sorry but this is no good.
    You overdone it.

  22. jazzyj

    This is awful. I can understand retouching a blemish, but when the after picture looks NOTHING like the before, that is just horrible. It doesn’t even look like the same person.

  23. oh nice

  24. shka po bani naj sen tre ka ju a ka

  25. i love nature beauty. i look at older women that dare to walk with grey hair and mostly i think: looks great! i’m passing the process of becoming grey myself. i use to color my hair in different colors as a teenager. i choose already for years to be natural. i believe in the power of smiling. a real smile shows the beauty from inside.

  26. Kris Malloy

    Thank God this has become a “real”, quite public discussion, now. You can tell girls that the magazines distort the models’ real appearance; but as always, a true picture tells a thousand words. Good work!

  27. Kris Malloy

    I agree. The retouches make the girls look like aliens! Look at poor Stine, for example. The retouched photos do NOT look at all like the real girls. The tragedy is – the girls are beautiful, flaws or whatever, without being retouched! They look SO much more appealing. They look REAL. We all crave what is real, now. We want the truth. Enough deception for profit. We don’t want retouched models anymore!!!

  28. kate

    bit harder with the third one, who was gorgeous already. most photoshopping efforts tend to turn interesting faces into generic dolls. good for the less genetically blessed of us, unfortunate when (as in the third one) it renders the face void of any meaningful expression

  29. kate

    (not to suggest the three examples here aren’t really well executed)