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What is Next Nature?

With our attempts to cultivate nature, humankind causes the rising of a next nature, which is wild and unpredictable as ever. Wild systems, genetic surprises, autonomous machinery and splendidly beautiful black flowers. Nature changes along with us.

Egg improvements

Egg improvements

Since it is Sunday, let’s have a genetically photoshopped egg with a handy integrated eggholder. Not sure if these should be mass produced (if possible): Too painful for the chicken.

Created by Dominic Wilcox. See also: Cubic Fruit, Modernistic Watermelons.


  1. Namdnal Siroj

    Did you know there’s a wholesale product called “Hotel Egg”?
    It’s a tube made from (boiled) egg whites with a core of (boiled) yoke, kind of like a saucage.
    So, it’s all natural egg, just rearranged.
    Every slice you cut is a perfect-looking piece of egg with yoke in the middle, and you never have white slices of egg.

  2. I saw these egg sausages several times in the kitchen of the restaurant where I worked as a side job. It made me wonder if it would be possible to breed chickens that could produce these Hotel Eggs. And what would they look like?

    In some future we might even not need chickens anymore to produce our eggs. If “a chicken is just an eggs way of making another egg”, as the wit goes, well then maybe we should cut out the Middle Man some time!

  3. Martijn van Mensvoort

    This ‘egg improvement’…

    looks to me like a typical example of ‘fake next nature’, because this is not much more than a silly picture!

  4. @ Martijn, Only now I realize what you mean with ‘fake next nature’. Thanks for pointing it out. Actually, a square egg – if it existed – would be tagged as ‘hypernature’.

    Hypernature = a simulation of a nature that never existed. It’s better than the real thing; hypernature is always just a little bit prettier, slicker and safer than the old kind. Think of genetically manipulated tomatoes are redder, rounder, larger, and maybe even healthier than the ones from our gardens. A perfectly designed and beautiful varietal ‘nature reserve’ or square watermelons.
    Much of the ’so-called nature’ in our lives has taken on an artificial authenticity. Hypernature is more about culture than it is about nature.
    Although I hope you can see there is a difference, the border between ‘fake nature’ and ‘hypernature’ is often blurry. Especially when looking at photoshopped images of hypernature things become a bit complicated: Faked hypernature would be “a simulation of a simulation of a nature that never existed”. I guess it goes too far to use this as a separate tag. Myself, in these cases where an example of hypernature only exist as an idea or a photoshop, I use both the ‘hypernature’ and the ‘fake nature’ tag. Hope this works for you?

  5. @ Martijn. I agree this is just a silly picture. Not even an improvement. Although an integrated egg holder might be a bit of a benefit, it will be more difficult to eat the egg from the squared shape with your spoon. The original egg design is perfect. Nonetheless I find the image a playful wink on the deep human longing to manipulate nature.

  6. Arnoud van den Heuvel

    A couple of hours in vinegar + a square mould would do the trick to the unboiled egg (the acid weakens the outer shell. When boiled, the egg may taste a bit sour though). ;)

  7. Hello again guys!!
    Koert, thanks for the agreement!
    Arnoud, your vinegar idea made made me wonder: ‘why can’t we simply eat the shell of an egg’?
    Hahaha … I was not the first one to wonder about that question. At yahoo-answers I found the following answer:
    “Of course you can; most of us already have at one time or another. The main ingredient in eggshells is calcium carbonate (the same brittle white stuff that chalk, limestone, cave stalactites, sea shells, coral, and pearls are made of). The shell itself is about 95% CaCO3 (which is also the main ingredient in sea shells). The remaining 5% includes calcium phosphate and magnesium carbonate and soluble and insoluble proteins.”
    Uhmmm, sounds like someday … we might be eating ‘shelled-eggs’!!!
    Wouldn’t hat be the ultimate NEXT NATURE way of eating an egg???
    (Guys, don’t worry about that question – just a rethoric thought!)

  8. The egg shell in picture looks to me more like made of chocolate. I will wait for the day when eggs shell is made of chocolate and nobody will crib about eating egg shell :)

  9. Mark

    I don’t think it’s just a ‘silly’ picture I think it’s a clever idea. The picture is only presented as a concept and a nice fun idea it is too, he’s not saying he actually genetically modified a real egg. His other work on his site is interesting also.

  10. Obviously, we simply need to genetically engineer future chickens with the shape of the eggs in mind.