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What is Next Nature?

With our attempts to cultivate nature, humankind causes the rising of a next nature, which is wild and unpredictable as ever. Wild systems, genetic surprises, autonomous machinery and splendidly beautiful black flowers. Nature changes along with us.

Newspaper Wood

Newspaper Wood

How to upcycle old newspapers? Mieke Meijer (a.o.) from Vij5 took a jar of glue and started imitating tree rings. “The product surprisingly mimics the quality of real wood” she states.









  1. Jody Peroni

    What glue did she use in making Newspaper Wood?
    Did she spray it on to decrease time needed to make a roll?
    I have many piles of old newpapers I’d love to turn into something useable about the house.
    Thank you and regards,
    Jody Peroni

  2. What a great post! It is great to see the idea of recycling becoming so commercialized. I enjoy seeing other go green. It is a step in the right direction and will greatly benefit the earth. Hopefully this artwork inspires other to make the step to go green. Great pictures, inspiring post. Thank you for sharing!