Panda Shaped Solar Plant for China
Manufactured Landscapes

A Panda Shaped Solar Plant

Given, the real solar plant is less cartoonish than the artist’s rendering above, but the final result is equally astonishing. We already know that China has a thing for pandas, but their latest solar plant is something you have never seen it before. In the last years, China has become one of the mayor investors in renewables and with that great changes to the landscape are inevitable. Apparently turning boring geometrical fields into cute animals is one of them.

Peculiar image of the week. Via Vox and Snopes

Dr Couney incubators in coney island
Artificial Womb

1896 – Baby Incubators in Coney Island

In 1896, baby incubators were already used as medical equipment in France, while the US still considered them unusual machine. American society held the general belief that premature babies were God’s will and that their innate weakness was because they were destined to languish before seeing life fully. One doctor did not agree: Dr Couney. He believed that preemies could “regain” life through attentive care. But since society did not share his belief, he had to be unconventional to gather the funds to support his research.

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