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Why superhuman technologies will affect us all

peter joosten

When you look through a super-telescope, you can still see the planet Earth. Once called the blue planet, she now looks red and parched. We had no choice but …

Next Nature News

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Call for entries: Speculative product advertisements

In anticipation of the forthcoming Next Nature Magazine, we call upon you, dearest creatives, to submit a fictitious editorial advertisement: The Infotizement. …

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Next Generation: Mathilde Rougier's Modular Fashion

Eloïse Peredruk

This story is part of  Next Generation , a series in which we give young makers a platform to showcase their work. Your work here?  Get in touch …

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Next Nature Showcase

We are proud to present to you, our largest showcase yet: spanning across three floors, with a total surface of 1200 m2, this exhibition truly is a Next Nature showcase extraordinaire. This is where you get to experience your favourite Next Nature projects in a completely new light.

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