Future Beauty: Hyperbreasts?

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Let’s talk about hyperbreasts. Have you ever wondered why men like women with large breasts? Historically large breasts are presumably sexually attractive for men because they represented a womans capability of breast feeding an infant (read: large breast evolutionary means your off-spring will survive). Of course, in a world of supermarkets and overconsumption this is no longer relevant. Large breast have lost their functional benefit in the survival of the fittest and have become pure decoration.Besides the change from necessity towards entertainment we can see another evolutionary process in play: Nowadays plastic surgeons routinely sculpt breasts in any ordered size or shape. Large breasts are no longer a born feature, they can be bought. As a result, large breasts become a symbol of wealth.

What if we extrapolate these developments towards the future? Once large breasts become default, it will no longer be a distinguishing feature. Some women might want to move on to the next level in order to attract men and equip themselves with hyperbreasts; softer, bigger, better than the real thing.

Agreed, these ‘wealthy’ breasts are entirely unpractical in everyday life. Men who fancy these type of women should not expect them to do any cleaning in the household and no child will dare to suck on them. They might even be a burden for the women who wear them, but -similar to the feathers of a peacock– thats all part of the evolutionary trade off, no?

Hypernatural Breasts NextnatureHypernatural Breasts Nextnature stephanieHypernatural Breasts NextnatureHypernatural BreastsHypernatural Breasts Nextnature mindyHypernatural Breasts Nextnature rinaHypernatural Breasts Nextnature vanessaIs this the future of female beauty? Or are there other directions to be explored? To be continued…Images: See also: natural breasts, modernistic vaginas, virtual miss.

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