Mapping the DNA World

DNA related tools, once expensive and restricted to research and crime labs, are rapidly becoming affordable. Like GPS – once a high-tech wonder now turned into a everyday gadget – simple DNA sequencing may soon be available to almost everyone.

Undoubtedly DNA related applications will transform society as we know it: Synthetic pets, Amateur food testing, Faked DNA evidence, Genetic mapping, Genetic social networks, DNA as information storage, HumanDNA trees, Hyper Fruit… the applications are mind bubbling and seemingly infinite.

Designer Niko Vegt, master student at the Next Nature theme, has been working on an imaginary map of the DNA world.  Unlike a regular map, which represents a physical territory, the DNA World map represents a conceptual territory of DNA related applications and developments. Its main continents are Science, Medical, Heath, Personal, Social, Justice and Environment – all surrounded by an ocean of Ethics.


Browse a demo version of the map and let us know what you think.


An archipel of DNA related art in the ocean of Ethics.


Scientific and Environmental developments featuring Agricultural genetic modification, protein engineering and cloning.


Personal genomics includes applications like a celebrity DNA, genetic counseling and a personal genomics card.


The Medical continent featuring disease prediction, home diagnostics and embryo selection.

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