‘Nature’ Words According to Google

Imagine you were an intelligent alien from outer space that just landed on Earth. Before you can mingle with the earthlings you’d need to learn their language. It seemed like a smart idea to start at Google image search. Just type in a word and you’ll immediately get a collage of images that show you what it means.

Lets start for example with the word ‘dandelion‘. That learns you a lot about the different phases of this flower and how it propagates! So far so good, but things are rapidly getting more bizarre.

For instance when you try the Beetle.

The Puma is also somewhat confusing.

Lion seems to be fine, it is that meat eating animal that jumps on other animals.

Jaguar seems to be more schizophrenic again.

Beware for the caterpillar.

Cherry seems edible.

Better to avoid the apple?

Shell is some sort of stylized predator.

Blackberry is peculiar, unsure where they grow.

Strawberries look sweet.

Unsure if you can eat the Berry.

And finally the mouse.

Welcome back!

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