Visual of Information Decoration

Information Decoration

Moving data from the screen to the world

Much of the data in our lives comes from square, electronic screens. We get our news from the television, our books from e-readers, transportation schedules from LED screens, and everything else from computers and mobile phones. Nature encodes information in some elegant ways: the fish that changes color when it’s ready to mate, the banana that turns yellow when it’s ripe. ‘Information decoration’ takes its inspiration from old nature to present data in an unobtrusive manner, helping to restore depth of meaning to the built environment.

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‘What information overload? The so-called information society has barely scratched the surface of our human bandwidth!’
Visual of Information Decoration: Our Environment as an Information Carrier

Information Decoration: Our Environment as an Information Carrier

Van Mensvoort

Picture this: it's 40,000 years ago, and you are an early Homo sapiens. You are standing on the savanna. Look around …

Augmented (Hyper)Reality

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Keiichi Matsuda presents a dystopian vision of a world where augmented reality has created a nightmare of information overload.

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