‘Exploring and imaging to build a better future’

Alessia Andreotti


New media thinker and editor from Italy. She manages the Next Nature Network blog and social networks, with an aptitude for making interviews.

She holds a Master’s degree in Theory and Methods for Communication, during which she studied Journalism in Spain and New Media Language in Milan. As editor it is important for Alessia to write lively, understandable and accessible. Her specialty is popular culture, with particular interest in fashion, travel, technology, design, music and internet culture.

She enjoys life in Amsterdam and works with enthusiasm, proficiency and creativity in the area of communication.

Posts by Alessia Andreotti

Society of Simulations 

Keeping Up with the Eagles: Birdwatching 2.0

This live stream video of a Bald Eagles family nesting in Florida has counted more than 72 million viewers.

Wild Systems 

Drones and Robots Co-Work in Solar Farms

BladeRanger might have found the ultimate solution for solar panels cleaning putting drones and robots together at work.