‘It is essential to look beyond the borders of our disciplines’

Alexandra Bremers

Intern - Designer

Industrial Design student with a background in writing and a strong affinity with biology and the arts. Alexandra is interested in the communicative properties of everyday products and emphasizes the importance of in-depth discussion, criticism and debate when it comes to technology. Her biggest drive is curiosity, ranging from the systems that have formed the basis of our world till the kind of future we are heading towards. Currently she studies at TU Eindhoven.  

Posts by Alexandra Bremers

Information Decoration 

Every Wikipedia Article Leads to Philosophy

According to the Wikipedia page ‘Wikipedia: Getting to Philosophy’, more than 94% of all articles will eventually lead to the English article “Philosophy”.

Wild Systems 

Possibilities for Drones in Performing Arts

Japanese fashion brand Buyma created this video with a wink, wherein drones play a crucial role.

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