‘We have to understand what it means to be human in a world that is increasingly standardized’

Hendrik-Jan Grievink


Designer Hendrik-Jan is responsible for the visual output of various projects conducted by Next Nature Network.

His work includes the Fake for Real Memory Game, about reality and simulation (BIS publishers 2007); the book Next Nature: Nature Changes Along With Us (Actar, 2011); the NANO Supermarket, a speculative design project about the impact of nanotechnology on our daily lives (2010 – present) and the recently published In Vitro Meat Cookbook, which explores the possible future of lab grown meat through design fiction (BIS publishers, 2014).

Posts by Hendrik-Jan Grievink

Artificial Womb 

Ectogenesis, Artificial Womb, Human Egg?

The artificial womb is on the verge of becoming a reality, but how it will affect our culture is for us to decide.

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