Jack Caulfield
‘How we look at the present determines what we will see in the future’

Jack Caulfield

Trainee - Writer

Jack recently graduated from the University of Amsterdam, where he studied Comparative Literature. He is particularly interested in the way people, systems and languages interact. How do we construct nature? How do virtual worlds become real? How do we translate our understanding of the past and present into a positive vision of the future? At NNN, Jack concerns himself with these and other questions.

Posts by Jack Caulfield

Manufactured Landscapes 

The New Technology in Agriculture: Trees

New technologies are changing the landscape, but the latest trend reshaping rural environments and agriculture is agroforestry: the art of planting trees.

Wild Systems 

Drones Protect Indonesia from Volcanic Danger

In Bali, volcanic danger looms large. Scientists are trying to use drones to forestall the danger and make the invisible workings of the volcano visible.

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