‘Nature changes along with us’

Koert van Mensvoort

Creative Director

Artist and philosopher. The discovery of Next Nature has been the most profound experience in his life so far. It is his aim to better understand our co-evolutionary relationship with technology and help set out a track towards a future that is rewarding for both humankind and the planet at large.

TEDx lecture by Van Mensvoort on the Nature Caused by People.


Posts by Koert van Mensvoort

Plastic Planet 

The Ocean Cleanup heads for the Pacific

The Ocean Cleanup claims its device could cut the size of the Great Pacific Garbage Patch in half in five years.

Meat the Future 

‘I volunteer myself to try this cultured meat at my own risk’

The Netherlands leads in cheese, clogs, and cultured meat. This sustainable and animal-friendly form of meat has largely been developed in our country. In 1997, Willem van Eelen obtained the first patent on the technique, whereby animal cells are grown into muscle tissue without any animals needing to be slaughtered

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