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Forward to Nature

Next Nature Network

Virtual worlds, printed food, living cities and wild robots; we’re so surrounded by technology that it’s becoming our next nature. It may sound abstract, but it’s closer than you think; cars will drive themselves and heart valves are 3D printed.

How not to lose sight of the human factor? Next Nature Network is the international network for anyone interested to join the debate on our future – in which nature and technology are fusing.

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In a landscape of traditional nature organizations, we are the only group that approaches the concept of nature in a new manner. Preserving nature is of great importance, but we must also dare to look ahead. Did you ever consider eating cultured meat? Are robots threatening our jobs? Why doesn’t a tree in the jungle represent ecological value?

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Our project range from an online story about a fictional sneaker company that stirs discussion on biotechnology, to a smartphone app that lets you hear WiFi, and an ECO Coin to reward sustainable action. This year, we’re launching the Forward to Nature book, which expands on the Next Nature philosophy. We’re also continuing to implement the ECO Coin at festivals, in offices and in hotels. Our goal is to spur debate and collectively investigate our future through provocative and playful projects, exhibitions, events and products. Join us!

‘We're the first technology-creating species. To play jazz with our genomes and the universe might ultimately be what we're all about.’
Jason Silva, ambassador
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